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Sachenga & Co. offers comprehensive advisory and brokerage services to claimants and law firms with respect to litigation related assets on a global basis





Based in Europe, Sachenga & Co. has experience and collaborative relationships with funders, law firms and experts in all four corners of the globe





Sachenga & Co. was founded in 2017 by Chris Garvey with the core mission of providing solutions for justice. Chris is a veteran lawyer with over 20 years of combined experience in private practice and in the financial services industry

Services & benefits: Claimants



Sachenga & Co. has an intimate understanding of law firms and third party litigation funders, having worked with both of them. Sachenga & Co. guides claimants through the process of obtaining financing and provides tailored advice with respect to:

Selection of counsel

Sachenga & Co. draws on over 20 years experience in the legal services industry and has relationships with local and international law firms in every region of the world

Selection of third party funders

Sachenga & Co. develops and maintains relationships with all of the major funders in the market, including new entrants. Sachenga & Co. conducts research on funders, including sources of funding, financial strength, investment criteria and investment process 

Managing the investment process

Sachenga & Co. guides and supports claimants throughout the process of obtaining financing, from start to finish, including initial claims evaluation, preparation of evidence and due diligence 

Structuring and documenting the investment

Sachenga & Co. offers claimants strategic advice on available financing structures and funding options tailored to their individual circumstances 

Negotiating fair market terms

Sachenga & Co. has experience with many of the major funders and is able to provide comparative advice to claimants in negotiating fair market terms for their claim 

Services & benefits: Law firms



Sachenga & Co. offers law firms the ability to leverage the advantages of a dedicated market participant that aggregates the interests of its clients to rationalise and drive down costs of financing for collective benefit

Administrative cost savings

Sachenga & Co. offers law firms the ability to reduce administrative overhead costs associated with fee earners devoting time to non-revenue generating activity in dealing with litigation funders on behalf of clients

Avoid and reduce conflicts of interest

Relying on Sachenga & Co. to interface with commercial funders introduces an important element of independence and objectivity to the funding process that reduces the potential for actual or perceived conflicts to arise between the interests of the client and those of the firm or any of its partners

Access to a wide network of funders

Sachenga & Co. develops and maintains relationships with all of the major funders in each of the major markets around the world, including new entrants. Sachenga & Co. also conducts detailed research on funders, including sources of funding, financial strength, investment criteria, team and investment process. Sachenga & Co. then places this network and research at the service of its clients

Leverage research & best practices

Sachenga & Co. is constantly conducting and updating its research on the evolving market for litigation finance, associated product range, industry standards and best practices, which it places at the service of its clients

Leverage collective bargaining positions to lower fees

Sachenga & Co. works with many law firms and claimants and is, therefore, in a position to leverage collective knowledge and bargaining positions for the benefit of all of its clients in negotiating terms with commercial funders

Litigation Finance 101: Options

Litigation finance

Legal disputes are expensive and risky. Litigation finance is, therefore, designed to reduce (or eliminate) the risk and cost of litigation for claimants by obtaining third party funding for all, or a portion, of the legal expenses associated with pursuing a legal claim 

Litigation financing is typically provided on a non-recourse basis - which means that there is no requirement to repay the money in the event of a negative outcome. In the event of a successful outcome then the investment and an agreed return is repaid from the proceeds recovered

Litigation-backed loans

Legal disputes are also typically lengthy. It can take years to successfully pursue and enforce claims, irrespective of the merits of the case. As a result, claimants may wish to monetise all or part of their claims in advance by way of a loan, in order to hedge their risk and generate immediate liquidity for working capital or other purposes 

Assignment of claims

In jurisdictions where it is permissible to do so a claimant may wish to sell all, or part, of their legal interest in a claim to a third party at a discount to the expected recovery amount in order to generate immediate liquidity

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Sachenga & Co. is dedicated to offering financing solutions to suit a wide range of funding needs for claimants and advisors. If you would like to discuss financing for an existing or potential claim, or have any other enquiries, please send us a brief message at the following email address describing the nature of your enquiry. Subject to prevailing legal obligations we endeavour to preserve confidentiality over all information provided to us


Alternatively please contact us at: Sachenga & Co. Calle O'Donnell 22 Escalera A 4 Izquierda Madrid 28009 Spain